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 Аудіо диск Full Blast B2 Class Audio CDs  Середня і старша школа  MM Publications

Full Blast B2 Class Audio CDs

Диск з аудіозаписами до підручника і зошита учня

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ISBN: 9789605095444
Автор: H.Q.Mitchell, Marileni Maklogianni
Видавництво: mm publications
Мова: Англійська
Рівень CEFR / PTE: B2
Рік видавництва: 2010
185 грн.
в один клік
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Full Blast is an exciting and easy-to-use course in English. The main concern of the writer of this course has been to explicitly demonstrate how English is used in real-life situations, thus enabling learners to use it in meaningful contexts. Full Blast has been meticulously designed to build learners' ability to communicate their ideas fluently, accurately and confidently.

The Class CDs include all the recorded material from the sections in the Student's Book and the Workbook where the special symbol appears.