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 Підручник GoGetter 4 Students' Book  Середня і старша школа  Pearson Education

GoGetter 4 Students' Book

Підручник для учня

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ISBN: 9781292179674
Автор: Jayne Croxford, Graham Fruen
Видавництво: Pearson
Мова: Англійська
Рівень CEFR / PTE: A2+/B1, General Level 1
Рік видавництва: 2018
475 грн.
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Оформити гуртове замовлення

Be inspired with colourful artwork, BBC content, step-by-step practice activities and language reference boxes!

  • Learn how to self-assess with Check yourself!, a key skill for future work

  • Get familiar with exam-style practice tasks for success in tests/exams

  • Remember and retain language through varied practice activities, Language reference boxes and wordlists

  • Improve accuracy with step-by-step practice activities

  • BBC Get Culture! lessons

  • Material for 70-120+ class hours