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 Книга How to Teach Grammar  Граматика  Pearson Education

How to Teach Grammar

Як розвивати та вдосконалювати свої навички граматики

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ISBN: 9780582339323
Автор: Scott Thornbury
Видавництво: Pearson
Мова: Англійська
Рік видавництва: 1999
1260 грн.
Плануєте замовляти підручники на групу чи клас?

Пропонуємо спростити процес оформлення великого замовлення до заповнення короткої форми.

Оформити гуртове замовлення

Here you'll find a host of ways to develop or enhance your grammar teaching skills. How to Teach Grammar demonstrates methods for practicing a variety of grammar topics, dealing with errors, and integrating grammar instruction into general methodologies such as task-based learning.

How To Teach Grammar Includes:

  • An overview of what grammar is about.

  • Reasons for why grammar should be taught.

  • Ways of judging the efficiency and appropriateness of any grammar lesson.

  • A Task File of photocopiable training tasks for each chapter.

  • Explores different techniques for teaching grammar including inductive and deductive approaches

  • Covers practising, testing, error correction and how to integrate grammar with various methodologies such as communicative language teaching and task-based learning

  • Sample lessons show a range of teaching approaches and grammar items in context.