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Zoom in Special - на кожні 20 комплектів: книга для вчителя та підручник надаються безкоштовно.

Zoom in Special

Експрес-курс англійської мови для учнів початкової школи

Відмінною рисою курсу є те, що підручник (Student’s Book), зошит (Workbook) та інтерактивний CD-ROM об’єднані в одній книзі. Разрахований на 60-80 год класної роботи. має дозвіл Міністерства освіти і науки України на використання в загальноосвітніх навчальних закладах з 1 по 6 класи. За допомогою захоплюючих історій, веселих пісень та ігор підручник розвиває усі види мовленнєвої діяльності: читання, прослуховування, говоріння й письмо.

Zoom In is an exciting six-level primary English course especially designed for children who are complete beginners.It is the split edition of ZOOM and it consists of six books. Nine four-page units divided into two lessons. Stimulating material including stories, songs, games, factual texts and  cross-curricular activities. Three four-page revision units. Grammar and pronunciation review every four units. Special sections on cross-cultural information leading to projects.

Zoom in is an innovative primary English course especially designed for children aged 7 to 10 years old who are complete beginners. It aims to guide children through their first steps in English in a delightfully imaginative learning environment. The particular needs and interests of early learners are well catered for, while tried and tested methods in EFL teaching are the foundation of this course. A building block strategy has been employed, through which every lexical and grammotical item is carefully presented and systematically revised in the course of the year.

Zoom in has been designed to be completed in one school year. It is based on a well-organised, multidimensional syllabus which focuses equally on grammar, vocabulary, language functions, lively topics and communication skills. The language is introduced in an attractive way using illustrations and picture strips suited to the students' age, cognitive development and experience. It is then systematically practised throughout the unit, while speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are developed in an integrated way through a variety of communicative activities. There is also systematic pronunciation practice on the basic vowel sounds and work on pairs of contrasted consonant sounds.




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9786180509250 Підручник і зошит Zoom in Special Starter Student's Book & Workbook with CD-ROM

Підручник і зошит Zoom in Special Starter Student's Book & Workbook with CD-ROM

208 грн. Замовити
9786180501742 Аудіо диск Zoom in Special Starter Class CD

Аудіо диск Zoom in Special Starter Class CD

151 грн. Замовити

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