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 Oxford Living Grammar  Граматика  Oxford University Press

Oxford Living Grammar

Дозволяє студентам вивчати граматику в контексті повсякденного спілкування

A four-level grammar course which explains and practises grammar in everyday contexts, and shows how grammar is used in real-life situations.
Oxford Living Grammar takes a gentle, practical approach to grammar. Each unit explains how the grammar works and the situations where you use it. The exercises use real-life situations to practise the grammar in context.

  • Helps students understand grammar and when to use it

  • Plenty of practice with four-page units for each topic

  • Word focus boxes give new words and expressions

  • Over to you exercises for lots of extended practice

  • Preparation for KET and PET exams

  • Interactive Context-Plus+ CD-ROM with every level

  • 30-unit syllabus fits perfectly with the academic year

Each four-page unit presents a manageable amount of new grammar and practice so students are not overwhelmed. It also allows for plenty of practice and consolidation.

New grammar is explained at the beginning of each unit. This explanation shows students HOW it is formed. The Grammar in action section that follows shows students WHEN the grammar is typically used. Students can then be more confident of using the language. 

Special Word focus boxes highlight interesting idiomatic expressions or words in the unit students might not be familiar with, this helps enrich their vocabulary.

Over to you is a new type of review which directs learners to a task bank at the back of the book. It allows freer practice and includes some sample model answers.

The Context-Plus+ CD-ROM at each level includes:

  • Interactive grammar exercises providing extra practice.

  • Links to Word focus exercises.

  • Listening and reading mazes where students choose what happens in a dialogue or story.

  • Opportunity for students to record and listen to themselves participating in the listening mazes.

  • Tests to check progress.

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