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 Your Space  Середня і старша школа  Cambridge University Press

Your Space

Трирівневий курс англійської мови для учнів середньої школи

Your Space links your students' own world to the language classroom, giving them 'space' to explore and develop their English language skills, and takes them step by step through the language they need at this level.There is an emphasis on achievement from the start. It encourages learner autonomy while recognising that learners need feedback and a sense of progress to maintain momentum. Students are supported to explore and personalise new language, they are provided with models and guidance to communicate effectively and with confidence in everyday situations.Topics have been chosen to engage and educate the digital generation and bring a world they can relate to into the classroom. PLEASE NOTE: Resources formerly available on Yourspace webzone have moved to the Resources tab at the top of this page.

Key features:

  • 'Communication' pages practise functional language, such as buying tickets, and agreeing and disagreeing. 'Phrasebook' boxes give students the key phrases they need to start talking.

  • Photostories present natural sounding, everyday language with useful teen-friendly expressions highlighted in 'Chat zone' boxes that students learn how to use themselves in the Workbook.

  • Students are exposed to a rich variety of realistic English text types including emails, magazine articles, websites, and a delightful graphic story. Online CLIL lessons as well as documentaries, drama and vox pops on the DVD add to the motivating mix.

  • A 'Language focus' box asking students to notice language can be found on each presentation spread, drawing students’ attention to new structures in the context of lively photostories and engaging reading tests. This is followed by a two-page 'Language space' of explanation and practice.

  • 'Study skills' - learner strategy tips -encourage students to reflect on how they study and guide them towards a more autonomous approach to language learning while 'Get it right!' boxes guide them away from common learner errors.

  • Topics and themes reflect students’ development and the world in its rich variety balancing entertainment, the lives of young people in other countries and social and environmental awareness.

  • Inspired by popular websites, 'Your space' sections get students using and personalising new language to talk about their own world.

  • 'Your progress' sections at the end of each unit allow students to review what they have achieved and where they need to improve, fostering learner awareness.

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9780521729239 Підручник Your Space 1 Student's Book

Підручник Your Space 1 Student's Book

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9780521729246 Зошит Your Space 1 Workbook with Audio CD

Зошит Your Space 1 Workbook with Audio CD

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Аудіо диск Your Space 1 Class Audio CDs

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Книга вчителя Your Space 1 Teacher's Book with Tests CD

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