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 Зошит Focus 1 Workbook  Середня і старша школа  Видавництво Pearson

Focus 1 Workbook

Зошит учня для закріплення пройденного матеріалу

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ISBN: 9781447997757
Автор: Rod Fricker, Bartosz Michalowski
Видавництво: Pearson
Мова: Англійська
Рівень CEFR / PTE: А2
Рік видавництва: 2016
250 грн.
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The Focus 2 Workbook has been specifically developed to help students pass their exams. It activates all of the language introduced in the Students' Book.

It mirrors the organisation of the Students' Book and its helpful features include:

  • Exam strategies: explanation of the different exam task types students will encounter, as well as coaching students in the best techniques to use in the actual exam.

  • Function phrase bank, writing: reference for the writing exercises in the Workbook.

  • Function phrase bank, speaking: a collection of phrases from the SPEAKING FOCUS boxes in the Students' Book, providing reference for the speaking exercises in the Workbook.

Vocabulary and Grammar sections, as well as practice exercises, containing the following features:

  • SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW: catch-up exercises that ensure that all students start with the same input.

  • SHOW WHAT YOU'VE LEARNT: test-format exercises that help students assess whether they have mastered the material adequately 

  • VOCABULARY BANK: this section at the back of the book contains all the vocabulary from the course which is organised by topic and lexical set, followed by practice exercises. Students are advised to do the exercises from this section once they have completed the corresponding unit in the Students' Book.

  • Skills sections: each unit provides further exam oriented practice of Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Use of English.

  • The LISTENING LANGUAGE PRACTICE sections include exercises that further exploit the audio scripts from the Students' Book Listening lessons.     

  • Both the READING and LISTENING LANGUAGE PRACTICE sections also contain exercises which practise the language items from the respective WORD STORE sections in the Students' Book.     

  • Speaking exercises help students memorise and practise the functions introduced in the Students' Book and in the interactive speaking videos.     

  • Writing sections include a model text which students use for their homework assignments and a SHOW THAT YOU'VE CHECKED box that helps students check their written assignments before handing them in.     

  • SELF-CHECK sections: these sections in every unit help students prepare for the tests in the Assessment Package. And as the key to these sections is provided in the Workbook, students can assess their progress and decide if they need further practice.