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 Ресурси для вчителя Islands 4 Teacher's Pack  Початкова школа  Pearson Education

Islands 4 Teacher's Pack

Матеріали для вчителя: картки, тести, аудіо диски

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ISBN: 9781408297964
Видавництво: Pearson
Мова: Англійська
Рівень CEFR / PTE: А2
Рік видавництва: 2012
1775 грн.
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The Teacher's Pack contains:
     PHOTOCOPIABLES: Sixty-two pages of photocopiable material are offered via the Active Teach to give maximum flexibility and variety throughout the teaching year. The material includes: A Welcome unit photocopiable for introducing the Quest Seven photocopiables for use in each unit. These include games, puzzles and activities, vocabulary cards, mini-story cards, phonics letter and wordcards as well as material for exploring the CLIL and cultural themes in the unit. Three photocopiables for use with the festival lessons. A template for a letter that can be written to parents. A course certificate. A cover pupils can use for their portfolio.
     FLASHCARDS: There are 186 flashcards at Level 1 illustrating the two main target vocabulary sets and phonics sounds for each unit. The Lesson plan and Games section in the Teacher's Book clearly explain how the flashcards can be used to present, practise and consolidate language through games and activities. 
     WORDCARDS: A set of wordcards matching the flashcards is provided at each level. The Lesson plan and Games sections in the Teacher's Book clearly explain how these can be used to help with reading and literacy to help through games and activities.
     PHONICS CARDS: Within the flashcards and wordcards there are also sets to be used specifically with the Phonics lessons (Lesson 6 in each unit). The plan for each of these lessons in the Teacher's Book clearly explains how these should be used for presenting, practising and blending sounds for literacy.
     STORY CARDS: The story cards contain a frame from the Family Island story and teaching notes comprising 'Before listening and 'After listening' activities plus the audioscript for the story frame. The story cards are on A4 cards, making them easy to use even in large classes. 
     POSTERS: There are 4 posters to accompany each level of Islands. The posters provide an additional resource for the vocabulary, Phonics, CLIL and cultural elements of each unit. There is also a generic poster at each level which helps pupils with vocabulary they will need for external exams. Teachers will find information on how best to use posters on pages 26-27 and in the main lesson notes. 
     AUDIO CD: The CDs contain all of the chants, songs, stories and listening comprehension activities. Karaoke versions of the songs and chants are available via the Active Teach.